Our solution for your
aircraft management

- Constant cost and quality control of your aircraft operations
- Aircraft chartering, financing, sale, and acquisition
- Aircraft Operations Services

Aeroteam Aircraft Management

Responding to the dynamism of the market, business aviation service providers continuously introduce new solutions for more efficient aircraft operations. Infrastructure improvements and digital innovations can bring significant savings to operators and service providers, but do not always translate into lower operations costs and management fees for the aircraft owners themselves.
With its deep knowledge of the aircraft services market, our team of business aviation professionals is dedicated to the optimization of management, utilisation and ownership costs, while maintaining or improving the service quality of the providers and the safety of the assets. With the worldwide growth of business jet fleets, the number of aircraft service providers is on the increase. We at Aeroteam know well their offers. We will represent or assist you in all aircraft ownership processes: from acquisition (including financing and insurance) to operations, from asset management to sales.
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Constant Supervision
and Control of:

01 Aircraft tracking, dispatch and OPS services costs

02 Charter resellers' achievements and resellers' network development

03 Crew and maintenance trainings quality and costs

What we do


Aircraft Sales and Acquisition, Financing and Insurance

As we come to know your aircraft usage and your habits, your style and your budget, we will use the best of our network to sell or buy an aircraft for you.

Contracts Renegotiations and Cost Optimisation

Continuous search for better and more cost-effective service providers.


24/7 Aircraft Management Control

Day-to-day aircraft operations tracking to manage financial risk and exposure.
Day-to-day charter revenue analysis.


Regular Data-driven Financial Analysis and Consultancy

Day-to-day aircraft operations tracking in order to manage financial risk and
exposure. Day to day charter revenue analysis.


Business Jet Charter Services​

Whether you need a private flight for business or leisure, you can relay on our team of charter specialists that will find the most suitable solution for your need with the best price on the market.
We will know your habits and preferences and will offer you exactly what you need : from a quick and reliable service for the best price available on the market to the most luxurious service in the industry.
Contact us today and ask for a quote for your travel experience
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Aeroteam Dispatch is able to attract customers by its effectiveness and guarantee that our services will meet or exceed expectations by its proactive solutions seeking and can-do minded team.

– ATC flight planning and filling
– Crew Duty Following
– Roster Following
– Route feasibility studies
– Handling and catering coordination
– Organization of Airport Slot and PPRs

– Fuel Order
– Complete Computerized OFP (EASA/FAA/ICAO)
– Fuel Calculation and Optimisation
– Worldwide Weather briefing
– Worldwide NOTAM briefing
– Customs Notification / GENDEC

– Flight Following (ARR & DEP MVT, Flight Tracking)
– Maintenance Following
– Landing and Takeoff Performance
– Crew and Pax Hotels, airline tickets and rent-a-car booking
– Concierge services
– Accounting services

Our team

An experienced team of can-do professionals with rich experience in business aviation and aircraft management. Our value stems from knowledge of the global market in aircraft services, combined with our independent position.

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Cost Optimisation Specialists
Our Cost Optimisation Specialists are experienced negotiators in business aviation industry and business aviation startups.
Aircraft Management
Our aircraft managers have decades of aircraft management experience in business aviation and airlines.
Financing Specialists
Dedicated aircraft operations finances controllers also have a role to find the best financing options for our clients through their wide professional network.
Flight Operations Managers
Even the most complex aircraft operations are not a hassle for our senior Flight Operations Managers.
ICT and AI Specialists
The most advanced ICT and AI solutions are applied on our databases in order to bring useful analytics for cost control.